Why perfume oil scents are longer-lasting than perfumes!

" A woman without perfume is a woman without a future". (Coco Chanel)

A sentence that we are only too happy to agree with, it actually is the case that fragrances dress, inspire, and remind us. Perfumes are often a woman's subtle calling card and complete her appearance in an invisible, yet indispensable way. It is just a shame that they are never long-lasting. Even though we all know the beauty hints that make perfume last longer. Be it spraying the fragrance on areas with good blood circulation, applying lotion beforehand or not rubbing the sprayed on perfume into your skin.

Perfume oil has more benefits!

Do not despair! There are fragrance alternatives that really stick to the skin longer and without any tricks! The secret lies in the composition of the fragrance. If the perfume is oil-based, it stays closer to the body than conventional perfumes and therefore lasts longer. Another advantage: It usually does not contain alcohol. A blessing for sensitive skin, which is often irritated as a result.

It could not be more practical!

Perfume oils are usually offered as practical roll-ons. The scent is super easy to apply to wrists, neck and the back of the knees even when you are on the move!

Here at Adrella we are passionate about quality perfume oils. All of our ingredients are ethically sourced. Our perfume oils are created with organic and essential oils. Check out our 4 scents:

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