What scent is in the air?

 Every morning at the bus stop I wait for the bus with a stranger and I have to say that her perfume knocks me out, in a good way. Of course I don't dare to ask her which perfume she is wearing and yet I want to know. So I go to the next perfume shop and try to describe the scent that I am so fascinated with. Trying to describe a perfume challenges many people - including me.

How do you do that? The magical solution: Knowing and naming SCENT NOTES! In the following I give you an overview of the most widespread fragrances so that you never feel challenged again when describing a fragrance.  


What is a fragrance note? 

While with the top, heart and base notes really concrete, individual fragrances of certain ingredients are taken into account, with the fragrance note it is the composition that matters. This creates an overall picture, a mood even. There are scent notes that can be classically described as “floral” or “citrus”. Others, on the other hand, have names such as “green”, “powdery” or “aquatic” and what is associated with them is sometimes a true feat of interpretation.  


13 fragrance notes - briefly explained!

 A few words in advance: Our examples are of course only a small selection. We encounter them very often in our everyday life and are therefore probably the most common variants. However, there are so many more fragrances! The world of perfume is a real potpourri that is definitely worth discovering. We can only give you a brief overview at this point. 



The smell of the sea or the still damp air after a rain shower. Fresh, clean and invigorating - that's this scent note. You can literally feel the water and yet it remains just a scent.  


How does a good meal gets its aroma? By using herbs! Lavender, rosemary, basil, sage - a wonderful selection of fresh, green plants. Full of taste and life, yet simple and direct. A clean, straightforward fragrance composition.  


Rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, lilac - there is a whole bouquet of flowers to choose from. Sometimes strong, sometimes delicate, sometimes elegant, sometimes playful. This fragrance opens the heart and tempts you to breathe deeply. It is always said that only feminine scents are flowery, but these scents are also used in men's perfumes.  


A complex fragrance that at first smells fresh and lemony, but then develops rather earthy and warm. An appealing, sensual combination of bergamot, moss and resin. You feel refreshed and stimulated at the same time.  


Another classic - this time only to be found in men's perfumes. The strict herbaceous-woody fragrance combination combines nuances such as lavender, ambergris, musk, oak moss with a dash of coumarin. The whole thing is supposed to convey the image of a dark forest in which a small mysterious plant is growing. However, this is more of a marketing gimmick than a real association. Nonetheless, these perfumes still smell really good.:) 


I am thinking juicy peaches, sweet melons, berries, plums, cherries, apples and mango. Is your mouth watering already? Fruity perfumes are happy and sweet, light and playful.   


Close your eyes and think of freshly cut grass, crushed leaves or a dewy meadow. Recall your most recent walk in the forest! “Green” scents bring this lightness and freshness with them. They're inspired by the chypre notes, but less sensual.


Speaking of forest ... cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver root and patchouli - these fragrances compose the woody scent note. Some perfumes take on a slightly sweeter component, others more mossy to earthy. However, the impression of a beautiful, natural piece of wood always remains. Some of the best earthy perfumes can be found in this fragrance note. 


The scent of leather is less reminiscent of a couch and more of a combination of honey, tobacco, wood and resin. It is a warm, sometimes sweet, sometimes smoky smell that occurs mainly in men's perfumes, but occasionally also in feminine fragrances. This fragrance note envelopes almost everything with a velvety touch.    


Sweet and heavy, sensual and sometimes even spicy and smoky - this is how you can describe this scent note. It is exotic, warm and intense. Aromas such as amber, vanilla, cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood or incense combine to create pure seduction! A fragrance from this family is often worn in the evening or in winter, because everything else would be “too hot”, so to speak. Don’t you agree?


Powder lies softly and gently over the skin, just like powdery scents do. They are a quiet, delicate interplay of moss, wood and a certain sweetness, not really light and fresh, but also not heavy and sensual. They conceal and pave the way for other fragrances (for example “floral” or “citrus”).

 Tangy Citrus

The freshly grated peel of a lime, the finely neat aroma of the lemon, peppered with a gently knocking sweetness like a tangerine - citric scents are simply really tangy and full of life. Sometimes a bit cheeky and snappy, then again just invigorating. Splendid!


This attribute is used for many scent notes - sweet-oriental, sweet-fruity, sweet-floral. Nonetheless it can also be an aroma for itself. It is soft and warm, not too oppressive, but like a cozy blanket that you like to snuggle under. Vanilla is most often cited as an example of a sweet fragrance. Besides this doesn't necessarily have to be found only in feminine perfumes.

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