Tips on how to store perfume properly!

For you to enjoy your favourite fragrance for a long time, storage should be carried out carefully. The storage of a perfume has a strong influence on its shelf life. In principle, not every room is suitable for storage. Only if you follow certain rules can the perfume reveal its full effect and last for years. The perfume may go bad or tip over if you ignore these rules.

What does it mean when a fragrance tips over?

In the worst case, the perfume tips so much that the scent is more rancid than pleasant. All fragrant substances change and are then only perceived as unpleasant.The colour of the perfume is also subject to a strong change. If a fragrance is tipped, then you can no longer use it. Correct storage can largely avoid this problem. In addition, the intensity is protected, which means that the perfume loses only a little of its fragrance over the years.

Here are a few important tips for perfume storage:

Every fragrance should be stored in a relatively cool place. However, this does not mean the refrigerator, because it is too cold. In addition to a cool environment, it is also important that the fragrances are stored in a dark and dry place at the same time. You play it safe if you keep the bottle in the packaging. This certainly does not look so nice, but as no sunlight can penetrate through the packaging, optimal protection is guaranteed. You should also make sure that the lid is always firmly on the bottle. If too much air gets in the bottle, the scent slowly evaporates. Sunlight is the great enemy of every perfume. This of course also applies to general heat, which is why every perfume should always be stored far away from the heater. If you don't want to hide your scent in a cupboard, you should still make sure that the perfume is by no means exposed to direct sunlight. You should also avoid temperature fluctuations, because most fragrances cannot cope with these differences well. In the worst case, the perfume can tip over if the temperatures change drastically too often. But even if it does not completely tip over, at least the intensity of the fragrance is reduced in the long run. Incorrect storage causes this to decrease slowly but steadily until the scent can sometimes no longer be used or detected. 


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