The Power of Natural Beauty Care!

Natural Beauty Care: This is how you shine with natural cosmetics!

Cleopatra was already on the trail of the secret of natural beauty and knew about the effects of precious plant-based oils and fragrant essences. Find out why the naturalness of your cosmetics is so important and how you can make yourself shine with natural products.

 More than a shell

What does it actually mean to be beautiful? World cultures have disagreed on this question for millennia and all have their own definition of what they regard as appealing. It has long been clear that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, we all gradually seem to be daunted by the realization that real, timeless beauty must lie a few levels deeper than the mere shell. Even the big fashion icons are slowly realizing that there is more to it than conforming to hip model standards. Façade is no longer enough! It’s about being authentic. It’s about health, naturalness and self-love. Confidence is sexy!

 As trite as it sounds, true beauty comes from within. Body and soul are inextricably linked. When people radiate inner balance, self-love and vitality, we like to look at them and are happy to be around them.

 Natural beauty care

This holistic perspective automatically changes how we look after our beauty. It is no longer about decorating the surface. True beauty goes deeper than that. Skin care is becoming an important aspect of maintaining good health. Our beauty rituals become acts of self-love. We question, what is really good for us, listen to our individual needs and pay closer attention to the quality and ingredients of our beauty products. It’s no longer purely about looks, it’s also about how we feel. A nice side effect: If we feel comfortable in our own skin, we will radiate this comfort!

 It is precisely this interface between external and internal beauty that is at stake in natural body and beauty care with natural cosmetics. It works far deeper than just on the surface. Natural recipes with natural plant oils, plant waters and essential oils for the skin, pamper the senses and at the same time caress the soul with the fine scents of nature. They are good for us in everyway, bringing us into connection with ourselves and letting our natural beauty shine.

 The secret of ancient cultures

Ancient cultures knew that holistic body care is not just pure luxury, but an important aspect of holistic health care. As the second largest organ of the human body, next to the connective tissue, the skin has many important tasks and is, for example, significantly involved in the physical detoxification process. Proper care is therefore essential to keep you healthy. Fortunately, we find the best ingredients for this directly in nature.

 What was good then is still the best thing we can do for our body and our wellbeing today. Among the versatile aromatic and medicinal plants, we find the ideal companion for our individual beauty needs and draw on an abundance of intelligent, highly effective plant power.

 Nourishment for body and soul

Of course we can all do what we want with our body but if you really want to take care of your physical wellbeing, you should take a closer look at what you are applying to your precious skin. Because unfortunately one of the well-hushed up truths of our beauty culture is: Not everything that feels superficially beautiful is also good for us. Sometimes the opposite is true. Many conventional cosmetic products use synthetic ingredients that are not ideal for our skin. Most of them are based on mineral oils, such as the “famous” paraffins. These are made from petroleum. Paraffins CANNOT be absorbed by the skin and only form a layer on the surface of the skin. This layer can initially give the skin a silky feel, but it makes it more difficult to breathe for the skin. Paradoxically, promising moisturisers in particular often dry out the skin in the long term, even if they feel good at first.

In contrast to mineral oils, native fatty plant-based oils are completely absorbed by the skin. They are very similar to our skin structure and correspond to the natural components of human skin fat, which means that they penetrate deep into the skin and support it in its self-regulating function. They are obtained from different parts of plants such as nuts, seeds or fruits through gentle cold pressing, whereby their valuable, skin-nourishing active ingredients and vital substances are retained. These natural substances promote cell generation in the skin and provide intensive moisture. They support their important metabolic function and strengthen the natural skin barrier.

 With natural cosmetics we not only feel good in our skin but also make a contribution to a better environment at the same time. With this good feeling in your heart and the power of nature on your skin, nothing stands in the way of your natural beauty to shine with full power!!!

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