Solid perfume: You can now wear your favourite fragrance so sustainably!

This is how sustainable ( and practical) solid perfumes are. And pssst: they’re also better for your skin. Solid fragrances are going to be big in the fragrance world in the next few years. But why?

Solid perfumes: And sustainability?

Solid perfumes are easy to stash in your handbag or take with you on vacation, and they are more sustainable. This is because most solid perfumes are available in refillable packaging, rather than heavy glass bottles with pump dispensers that contain plastic and cannot be recycled. However, it must be said here that perfume manufacturers are also currently considering cool refill concepts for glass bottles, which should also make conventional glass bottles even more sustainable in the future. So you can be serious.

Solid perfumes: And the scent?

Because all of these heavenly ingredients have been condensed into a small pot, solid perfumes are often more concentrated and can stay on the skin longer. Also, unlike their liquid alternatives, they contain no alcohol. As we know, alcohol can be extremely drying on the skin. However, solid perfumes are made by mixing perfume oils with vegetable oils or beeswax. In other words, there are no downsides as far as we can tell.

Solid perfumes: And how to wear it correctly!

Solid perfume can be applied directly to the skin with your fingertips. For a more intense scent, apply the perfume to the pulse points (i.e. on the wrists, inside of the elbows, on the back of the neck, behind the ears and on the décolleté).

Solid perfumes: And Adrella!

We have switched to offering your favourite fragrances in a solid version. As a solid fragrance, Adrella’s peerless fragrances are just as stunning, elegant and daring as the conventional versions. The practical solid perfume format is not only ideal for on the go, but is also ideal for intensifying the iconic signature of Adrella perfume oils. The unique texture of Adrella solid perfumes blends perfectly with the skin and delicately perfumes your neck, décolleté and wrists with the original Adrella fragrances. When ordering our samples, you can enjoy testing our fragrances first. So it is possible for you to find out which scent you like best!

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