Natural Perfume: 5 reasons to try natural perfumes!

Natural Perfume: 5 reasons to try natural perfumes!


 Natural perfumes are individual and good for body and soul. Have you already discovered the world of organic perfume for yourself? The smell of vanilla brings back childhood memories, and fresh rose water makes us think of lush cottage gardens. Fragrances are wonderfully sensual but that's not the only thing that speaks for the natural perfumes that are being sold at „Adrella“.


  • Organic perfume is individual

 Essential oils are less used in conventional fragrances. The conventional perfumes consist mainly of artificial fragrances and are often simple compositions made with five to ten components.

 It is completely different with natural perfumes! Essential oils and plant distillates play the main role here. “Let's look at a rose or lavender oil. These oils contain 200 to 500 different ingredients, ”says Jean-Claude Richard, aromatologist and founder of the organic fragrance manufacturer Farfalla. This great cocktail of different fragrance molecules differs from field to field and from year to year and cannot be reproduced synthetically. That is why it will hardly happen to you with a natural perfume that someone will tell you what scent you are wearing right now.


  • You can hardly over-perfume yourself with organic perfumes

 Ethereal means fleeting, which is why it is difficult to drench yourself excessively with an organic perfume. What remains, melts with the skin's own fats and is finally broken down by the body. Synthetic fragrances in perfumes, on the other hand, can remain on the skin like a film. The most commonly used fragrances are synthetic musk compounds and vanillin. We breathe them in and some of them stay in the body, than unfortunately the body cannot always break them down as easily as the components of the essential oils from nature.


  • Organic perfumes are good for a green conscience

 Conventional perfumes can also contain natural ingredients. However, the organic perfumers basically produce their essential oils and fragrances in controlled organic cultivation. They do not use pesticides, and the distillation time is much longer than the time for the essential oils made without the strict ecological requirements for the conventional perfumes. This is different with organic fragrances and you can smell that too.


  • The effect is included

 Many essential oils are mood-enhancing, such as orange, lemon, and rose oils. Peppermint helps with refreshment, lavender for calming, eucalyptus to clear the airways.


  • The selection is excellent 
Here at Adrella we are passionate about quality fragrances. All of our ingredients are ethically sourced. Our fragrances are created with organic and natural essential oils. If you are looking for a new fragrance then take a look at our website: and try our beautiful vegan, cruelty & toxin free products.



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