Natural Perfume

"Search in the scents of flowers and fruits for the cheerfulness of the mind and the joy of being" (Wang Wei)

Until the 19th century, natural scents were the most important component of a perfume. However, since the technical possibility of isolating fragrances in the laboratory and producing them artificially, the commercial perfume industry mainly offers synthetic fragrance creations. They are characterised by a long-lasting and high fragrance intensity and can be manufactured cheaply. 

But - where is the value for our well-being? 

Synthetic fragrances are hardly suitable as an elixir and balm for body and soul, and more and more people find them intrusive, whether in the office or in public spaces.

It is therefore not surprising that the trend towards natural care products and the need to surround yourself with natural fragrances continues to grow. Along with this, a conscious lifestyle is changing the behaviour of consumers. Environmental protection, animal protection, fair trade, organic farming methods, many people today live responsibly and are committed to preserving our environment and natural products.

Compared to synthetic fragrances, a perfume made from natural plant fragrances is always a holistic fragrance experience. By creating Adrella's fragrances we want to express our passion for natural perfumes and share our enthusiasm with you! Just as a painter uses his colourful palette of colours to give expression to his picture, there are many different natural scents available to us in the natural perfume industry such as fresh, fruity, flowery, sensual, oriental and many other fragrance nuances.

May our fragrances bring you joy and bliss!

Take care 😊


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